The Fyrd of House Storm (OUTDATED)

  • House Storm


    The Fyrd

    The Fyrd of House Storm consists of two main divisions: The regular fyrd lead by the Thegns, the elite troops (huscarls and the Stormguard). In addition each city and town may fund their own city/town guard.

    Elite troops

    The elite troops of House Storm consists of (1) the Huscarls of the earl and countess respectively, (2) the Stormguard and (3) the Rangers.

    The Huscarls are the private retinues of the earl and countess respectively. They answer to no one else, not even the Marshal. They are trained with the Stormguard, and are hand picked to serve their lord or lady.

    The Stormguard is the best warriors the combined counties of Thunormore and Ligamore can muster. They are trained from a young age and are battle-hardened like none else. During peace-time the Stormguard operates as a sell-sword company offering their services both as mercenaries and merchant guards. During war-time they are called home and fights in the vanguard of the Fyrd. The trade-off is that the Stormguard is among the best paid soldiers in Nirath, and that House Storm always have veteran warriors at hand when needed.

    The Rangers are a group of skilled marksmen who's purpose is to protect the rural areas of Thunormore and Ligamore.

    The Thegns

    Each Thegn (baron) is responsible for raising the fyrd in their respective domains. Every third able-bodied citizen of the thegndoms are required to answer the call of the fyrd, and must bring their own shield, weapon and armory.

    Town guards:

    Each city and town may fund their own town guard responsible for keeping the peace, and to defend the settlement against intruders. The town guards are never required to fight outside the boundaries of their respective settlement.


    • The Blackcloaks of Wenport
    • The Redcloaks of Briatown
    • Valaris town watch


    • The Marshal of House Storm is the overarching general of all military forces of Thunormore and works closely with the Duke on all military topics.
    • Each of the elite troops and town guards are lead by a Captain who answer directly to the Marshal. Ranks below Captain depends on the size of the troop.
    • The Thegns are expected to keep a good dialog with the marshal and to obey his orders.

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