Thunari Timeline

  • House Storm

    631 : Earliest mentioning of thunari nomads pillaging the grand city of Esathar.
    400 : The Red Grass Massacre
    390 : The Binding Peace - Three earldoms were given to the thunari to settle down in: Agauemore, Thunormore and Valimore.
    384 : The Stormborn ascends to the throne of Thunormore after a period of confict in the earldom.
    387 : After a prolonged period of conflict between the Earldom of Thunormore and the County of Althaia a peace treaty is signed and a marriage between the eldest son of House Viladel and the eldest daughter of Clan Stormborn is confirmed to keep the peace.
    365 : The Stormborn starts building the first thunarian castle after the traditions of bounded men and named it Stormhold.
    332 : Godur the Giant reaches the shores of Thunormore.
    328 : Godur and his people are accepted as a thunari clan under the name Gullarn.
    322 : Godur leads an attack against a neighbouring county, wins, and founds the Earldom of Skaaney.
    310 : The last thunari clan, the Redwings, settles down in Thunormore and Valimore.
    Ca. 310-200 : The last nomadic traits and traditions of the thunari slowly fades away. Clans becomes less important and notable families within the clans become noble houses. The culture of blood feuds become near extinct and the thunari becomes more and more alike the surrounding people.
    289 : War of the Valimore succession erupts.
    284 : War of the Valimore Succession ends and Wilemann Stormborn ascends the throne of Valimore.
    265 : Clan Stormborn officially becomes House Storm.
    214 : The combined forces of Thunormore and Valimore conquers a neighbouring county. Ain Storm ascends its throne and names it Stormwald.
    213 : The Earldoms ruled by House Storm forms the Stormlaw standardising laws and rules between the three earldoms.
    202 : News of a new threat brewing in the south reaches the lands of the thunari. The Kings of Nirath are rapidly expanding.
    201 : The earls of Stormlaw, Agauemore and Skaaney opens official talks of a defence league against the new threat.
    200 : The Aseber ion Thunari (Alliance of honourable thunarii)-pact is signed by the thunarian earls.
    198 : Nirathi skirmishing forces attacks outposts in the thunari earldoms.
    197 : Battle of Heron’s Grass. The Nirathi forces loses a major defeat.
    197-195 : Minor battles between thunari and nirathi forces.
    195 : The Siege of Wenport begins.
    193 : Stormwald is the first earldom to succumb to nirathi forces.
    190 : The Battle of Caslan Field. Nirathian forces win a major victory.
    189 : Valimore succumbs to the nirath forces.
    187 : Agauemore and Skaaney succumbs to the nirathi forces.
    184 : The defenders in Wenport finally give up when news of Stormhold being burnt to the ground.
    183 : The Treaty of Wenport. The thunari earldomes becomes a duchy named Asebe’ia Thunar together with the neighbouring counties of Althaia, Grey Vale and Wynegarden. House Agaue becomes the dukes of Asebe’ia Thunar.

    100: KoE launches
    0: CoE launches

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