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    University of Wenport

    Motto: From a shrouded past to an enlightend future.


    Ever since the University of Wenport was founded its objective has been to seek new knowledge, conserve ancient wisdom, and to educate new scholars, researchers, scribes and cartographers. The University of Wenport will strive towards creating a a creative yet serious environment for science and research where scholars from all over Elyria can gather to further advance in all fields of technology and science. The University of Wenport was founded when Earl’s College and Whitehawk College decided to unite their forces for the greater good.


    Settlement: Wenport
    County: Thunormore
    Duchy: Asebe’ia Thunar
    Kingdom: Nirath


    The University of Wenport is organised as a federation of mostly autonomous colleges and institutes covering a broad range of disiplines and subjects. The institutes generally focus on one or two disiplines, while the colleges have a broader scope of subjects. All colleges and institutes are structured differently accordingly to their specific needs and traditions. They are however all subjects to the Collegium, the governing body of the university. The Collegium consists of one or two representatives from each of the colleges and institutes depending on their size in addition to representatives from the city of Wenport, County of Thunormore and duchy of Asebe’ia Thunar. The Collegium is lead by the Rector who is nominated by the Collegium and approved by the Count of Thunormore. The University Library of Wenport and the Royal Academy are separate institutions that also sends representatives to the Collegium.

    Rector: Bocciolo Storm

    Educational Institutions

    Bylindu Institute of Alchemy and Herbalism

    The Bylindu Institute is a branch of the Order of Bylindu and offers both lower and higher education within the disiplines of alchemy, herbalism and other related subjects.

    Dean: Marvael

    Earl’s College

    The oldest college in Wenport and the college to offer the widest range of subjects. The Earl’s College’s primary focus is to preserve and conserve ancient knowledge and wisdom. Common subjects are history, languages, foreign cultures and other social sciences.

    Dean: Vacant

    Roderic Stormborn’s Institute of Architecture

    The Roderic Institute offers both higher and lower education for architects. Earl Roderic Stormborn was a master in architecture, and is known by his nickname ”the Builder”. He’s responsible for most larger construction projects in Wenport and in Thunormore in general. Roderic wasn’t just a master architect, but he as a foresighted leader. He gathered some of the best architexts in the kingdom at his court to help him in his endless row of projects and ideas. Upon his death his son founded the Roderic Institute in his memory, and so that his life’s mission wouldn’t end with him.

    Dean: Greykhan

    Whitehawk College

    While Earl’s College is focused on the past, Whitehawk College is focused on the future. The primary focus of Whitehawk College is research and to find new ways to make the world better. Common subjects are biology, chemistry, engineering and other natural sciences.

    Dean: Vacant

    Other institutions

    Royal Academy

    The Royal Academy is a society of scholars and scientist where they can gather to completely focus on their studies and reasearch, and a place where they can meet like-minded people. The Royal Academy does not offer education to students. To become a member of the Royal Academy, and thus access to the academy buildings, one must be nominated by at least two existing members. When nominated you gain a temporary membership untill the next academy assembly. At the assembly you must gain two-thirds of the votes to become a full member. Only two members have been excluded from the Royal Academy in its two hundred year long history.

    Society for Arcane Studies

    The Arcane Society is a specialised society at the Whitehawk College who's goal is to collect knowledge about talents and talented people, and to use this knowledge to enhance the natural sciences. Its members are popularly known as Arcanists.

    Head Arcanist: Vacant

    Society of Forgotten Knowledge

    The Knowledge Society is a specialised society at the Earl’s College who’s goal is to travel the world and bring back books and artifacts to the University of Wenport for scholars to study. Its members are popularly known as Tomehunters.

    Huntmaster: Vacant

    University Library

    The University Library (unilib for short) is an autonomous institution within the university organisation. The libraries of all the institutions of the university are all gathered under the unilib supervision. Unilib is always open for all visitors, although some sections are reserved for students and professors of the university. Certain sections are also reserved specific colleges, societies or institutes as well.

    Grand Librarian: Vacant

    University Press

    The University Press (unipress for short) is the official print shop of the university. Making new copies of old books, publishing new books and all other print related jobs can be done at the unipress.

    Master Printer: Vacant

    Join us!

    The University of Wenport is currently looking for employees for vacant positions, professors in all kinds of disiplines and subjects, librarians, print shop workers/paper workers, tomehunters and of course regular students.

    The University of Wenport accepts both regular full-time students, part-time students and guest students.


    We don't operate with a separate discord server for the university, but we're rather a part of the larger Stormlaw discord server that you can find here. Our channel is named #wenport-university.

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    Looking good! Just for the motto, the word is 'shrouded' not 'shrowded' .

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    Looks quite impressive. Do you already have plans for distributing new inventions?

  • House Storm

    @CalligoMercator Untill we know more how inventions get distributed, I got no plans.

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