How to register a new house, settlement or organisation

  • If you want to have a sub category for either your House or your Organisation, please reply to this thread with the information of your group to be considered by the administrators. Please also state if you wish a public or private category, or both.

    For Houses: Only pledge nobility can request a House forum (Count, Duke or King).
    For Organisations: They need to have at least 5 members confirmed.
    For Settlements: They need to have at least 5 members confirmed.

    Possible customisation:

    • EITHER: Category image. Must be provided in .png format.
    • OR: Category badge colour and icon. Colours in hex code, and icon from FontAwesome.
    • Group badge colour. Colours in hex hex code.

    Sub forums management:

    Each sub-forum will have their own group. Whoever request the sub-forum will be made owner of the group and moderator of the sub-forum.
    To join a group, either the group owner invite the new member or the new member join it by himself and will have to be approved by the owner.

  • House Tuhan

    Hey, I'm duke Magnus (you know it bro) and I'd like to create a house named Tuhan; I don't have a coat of arms yet but I'll make one once I'm back home tonight, hope I'll be able to add it post-creation :yum:
    I'd like for the category to be public, after all tis a public matter than what doth a duchy have to offer and what kind of trade it deals.

  • @graou13 Done!

  • Hello! I'd like to create the Tarsis settlement if possible and there we will use for diplomatics stuff.

    I also would like to add House Montcada, whose leader is Daedhel and I represent. We haven't a crest yet but we still working on it.

  • House Audran

    @Gammea Done

  • Thanks @Rhaegys !

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