Hail King Dragor

  • Name: Jedaye
    Discord Account: Jedaye#2637
    Short description of yourself: New player not decide on much yet but becoming interested and looking around at whats available.

  • Welcome to the kingdom. I like the name :D

    If you haven't decided on a place to call home yet I'm always looking for new people at Edwinstowe County (Discord = https://discord.gg/u7acavZ)

    We are part of a county alliance that will be looking to overthrow an NPC Duke, so plenty of room to do whatever you want if your undecided on your play style.

  • Am still trying to decide what level to come in at if am honest. I want to be there from Alpha 1 but not sure if i want to Govern anywhere or even Mayor, just want to be the best Blacksmith I can be. But at the same time being a Mayor or Baron looks pretty damn cool.

  • Nirahtii

    Welcome to NIrath, Jedaye! : )

    'May you find shelter!
    ~ Earl Lofi of Skaaney


  • If you chose to, you could sell your title ingame for EP to buy more stuff related to what you want to do, but if you wanted to do blacksmithing stuff, you could be a mayor and make your town be a blacksmithing town, or something like that. But if you wanted to just be a blacksmith on a smaller scale, i'd have room in my town for a blacksmith ;)

    With your pledge at that level you'll get more than one spark of life. So you could always govern a town but make another character in your town as a blacksmith, so your doing both things. Just have one as your main and one as a side character. If they are in the same family as well, you can use the mayor to fund the blacksmith :D

    If Alpha 1 is your main thought right now though, you could pledge at that level and worry about the other stuff later, because you can always drop titles or upgrade your pledge for stuff later on.

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