• Name: Dathan
    Discord Account: Dathan
    Title/rank: Baron
    House: Undecided
    Allegiance: Undecided
    Short description of yourself:
    Hi all, So I'm from the UK and hoping to join the kingdom. I've pledged to become a baron in the kickstater, but have yet to do anything about it yet. Right now I'll be having a look for any counties who are in need of a castle or town. I'm pretty flexible and haven't yet decided on what sort of play style I'll adopt. I shall also be bringing a friend of mine along, who has also pledged.

    I look forward to meeting you all and chatting on Discord!

  • House Storm

    Hi Dathan! If you haven't filled out our application form yet, you should do so at nirath.org/join-us by filling it out we can swiftly approve you and give you discord roles and add you to the census!

    Looking forward to talking to you on Discord! :)

  • Sorry, my internet went out for the last couple of days! I'll sign up on there now

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